about us

Our Values



We demonstrate respect and consideration for all our clients and their significant others.

We operate in a way that acknowledges other peoples’ beliefs and values.

We integrate scientific evidence in our practice to strive for excellence.

We promote resilience by emphasizing personal strengths and everyday victories.

We foster an environment of communication and teamwork.

We understand that he effects of a brain injury are complex and vary greatly.

We aim to help individuals and their relatives to overcome a wide range of cognitive (e.g. attention, memory, planning), emotional, social, and vocational difficulties in order to optimize their everyday functioning and quality of life.

We believe that the most important thing to remember that our clients should be treated as unique individuals rather than ‘patients’. The person-centred approach is the foundation of the Psychologia Ltd. rehabilitation process.

We consider the client and their significant others to be active members of the rehabilitation team, thereby ensuring a meaningful and efficient process for all.