Our Approach

We take a holistic, person-centred approach and emphasize the importance of involving the person and their family to set meaningful goals. We are dedicated to providing community and/or home-based services.  As professionals, we respect the person’s environment and needs in a culturally sensitive context.

“Specialized services to improve the daily lives of adults with brain injury”

Our clients

We mainly work with adolescents and adults with brain injury from many pathologies, including traumatic brain injury, encephalopathy, cerebral palsy, and neurological disorders.

Post acute period post injury

We also work with people who have co-morbid mental health difficulties or challenging behaviours e.g. Asperger’s Syndrome and learning disability.

“A human and personalised approach based on scientific evidence”

Our Objectives

The development of everyday life skills to facilitate a more meaningful lifestyle, including factors such as hobbies and social roles.

The short and long-term adjustment of the person with a brain injury and his significant others to the new situation.

The adaptation of the client’s environment.

The safe and satisfying return or integration into a community setting

“A human and personalised approach based on scientific evidence”