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Our Services

Since 2011, Psychologia Ltd. has provided holistic, evidence-based neuropsychological rehabilitation and psychological therapy to people with a brain injury. Tailored programmes enable us to provide high-quality, flexible, responsive rehabilitation. Our aim is to help the brain injured person and their family to optimize their quality of life and maximize independent living.

As most difficulties following a brain injury affect several functional domains, we usually work in collaboration with other professionals (e.g. occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech and language therapist etc.). We have developed expertise in leading multidisciplinary teams to work together in pursuit of client-centred goals. Moreover, all our services are time-scaled to meet the needs of the individual and their significant others.

The 4 core principles of our rehabilitation process:

Person-centred approach

The foundation of the rehabilitation process. The person and their significant others are active members of the care team.

Environmentally friendly approach

Our team works carefully to create a significant, positive rehabilitation environment to optimise progress.

Educational approach

Promotion, consolidation and practical application of key learning acquired through rehabilitation therapy.

Multidisciplinary approach

Our clinical interventions are concerted, complementary and goal oriented.

We offer a broad range of Neuropsychology services including:

  • Neuropsychological and psychological assessments
  • Capacity assessments
  • Targeted cognitive rehabilitation for cognitive impairments, neurocognitive fatigue and other difficulties
  • Psychological therapy to enhance emotion regulation, improve sleep, social competences or reduce pain
  • Positive programming for challenging behaviours
  • Vocational rehabilitation to facilitate return to work
  • Couples and family therapy