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Specialist Providers of Neuropsychological Assessment, Therapy and Rehabilitation for people with brain injuries and conditions

Welcome to Psychologia

We are a specialist team of Clinical Neuropsychologists and Clinical Psychologists providing specialist neuropsychological assessment and rehabilitation. We work with clients who have experienced acquired traumatic brain injuries and other neurological and neurodevelopmental conditions.

We work with clients to assess and support the impact of brain changes on behaviour, emotions and thinking. 

We take a holistic, person-centred approach and emphasize the importance of involving the person and their family to set meaningful goals. We are dedicated to providing community and/or home-based services.  As professionals, we respect the person’s environment and place them at the centre of their rehabilitation.

We work with Case Managers, multidisciplinary teams, insurers and solicitors to assess and support clients who are undergoing or who have settled personal injury and clinical negligence claims. We also accept referrals from individuals, family members and other healthcare professionals.

Psychologist Session

TAILORED AND Person-centred intervention and rehabilitation

Psychologia’s goal is to maximise the well-being and independence of adolescents, adults and older adults with cognitive impairment from brain injury by holistic, individualised, evidence-based neuropsychological rehabilitation.

Comprehensive assessment pacakges

We offer tailored and person-centred assessments of psychological well-being, to understand challenging behaviour, to apply a supported decision-making framework in the context of Mental Capacity Act assessment and completion of screening and comprehensive neuropsychological assessments including cognitive testing. 


Our highly skilled clinicians are passionate about Clinical Neuropsychology and each have different interests and areas of specialism and expertise. This means that we offer a range of bespoke clinics to support clients and professionals with unique assessment, treatment and consultation needs.

Consultation, teaching and training

We provide guidance and consultation to treatment teams and training and supervision to other professionals, particularly to support workers responsible for providing clients with opportunities to apply neuropsychological rehabilitation strategies within the context of their everyday lives.

Our specialists teach offer bespoke training and teaching around neuropsychological topics in educational, healthcare and company settings.

Our Values

  • We demonstrate respect and consideration for all our clients and their significant others.

  • We operate in a way that acknowledges other peoples’ beliefs and values.

  • We integrate scientific evidence in our practice to strive for excellence.

  • We promote resilience by emphasizing personal strengths and everyday victories.

  • We foster an environment of communication and teamwork.

  • We understand that the effects of a brain injury are complex and vary greatly, and that a "one size fits all" approach is often unhelpful.

  • We aim to help individuals and their relatives to overcome a wide range of cognitive (e.g. attention, memory, planning), emotional, social, and vocational difficulties in order to optimize their everyday functioning and quality of life.

  • We believe that the most important thing to remember that our clients should be treated as unique individuals rather than ‘patients’. The person-centred approach is the foundation of the Psychologia Ltd. rehabilitation process.

  • We consider the client and their significant others to be active members of the rehabilitation team, thereby ensuring a meaningful and efficient process for all.

Areas We Cover

We work in a range of different settings depending on the needs of our clients.

As well as our main clinic base in Harley Street in Central London. we work from different clinic bases depending on the location and needs of the client.

We also work in client homes and in their local communities.

We also make good use of technology to provide assessment and therapies to clients further afield via remote video sessions. 

The green areas on the map are areas that we cover routinely. The yellow areas are a little further afield and depending on availability and service need, we would be happy to consider a face to face service referral, otherwise, we are happy to see clients in these regions remotely or in a mixed remote and face to face approach.

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Using a Touch Phone




10 Harley Street, London, W1G 9PF


Holistic Neuropsychological Rehabilitation

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